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Western Reserve Water Systems; is an industrial water service company with an experienced staff offering a wide range of equipment, services, parts and consulting services for the industrial process water and high purity water user. Serving Power, Chemical Processing, Auto, Steel, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Medical, Laboratory and light industrial markets. Our service center and regeneration facility is located in Cleveland. Products available are listed below:

Industrial Water Treatment Equipment; Includes sand filters, media filters, greensand filters, cartridge filter housing, softeners, auto-deionization systems, reverse osmosis systems, storage tanks, UV sterilization units, distribution and booster pump systems.

Service Exchange Deionization; Provide leased or metered ion exchange services with units loaded with any combination of carbon, cation, anion and/or mixed-bed ion exchange resin in a wide range of sizes based on customer requirements for flow and quality. Installed and serviced locally. Larger trailer mounted systems are also available.

Service contracts & Service Support; Provide contract services for maintaining and supporting industrial water treatment systems. Also provide engineering and operating support on industrial water systems.

Replacement Parts & Consumables; Offer a full range of spare parts and consumables. These include cartridge filters, carbon, media, ion-exchange resins, reverse osmosis membranes, pumps, UV bulbs, UV Sleeves, PLC controls, valves gauges and other miscellaneous piping materials.

Engineering & Consulting Services; Offers engineering, training and consulting services for industrial process water and high purity water treatment services.

Leased Water Treatment Systems; Offer leased industrial water treatment systems using any combination of media, carbon, softening, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange technology to meet wide range of flow and quality requirements for both short term and long term applications.

Western Reserve Water Systemsí mission is to provide quality water services and equipment to our customers. The goal is to earn our customersí trust and confidence every day by offering the highest quality people, products and services.

If you have any question on our service, product lines or on ultra-purification of water, please contact us at wrwssvc@westernreservewater.com  or as listed below.

Western Reserve Water Systems, Inc.
4133 E 49th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44105
Tel (216) 341-9797
Fax (216) 441-6149


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